What to do if booking notification emails are not delivered

The MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin always sends booking notification emails to the customer and admin. The admin email should be specified in Accommodation > Settings > Email Settings (the From field). Customer notifications are sent to the emails that customers specify in the booking form.

If admin or customers do not receive emails:

1. Check your spam folders. Depending on your mail domain settings and spam filters the emails may get into the spam or promo boxes.

2. If the emails are nowhere to be found, try using admin and customer emails with common domains like @gmail.com. Uncommon domains like email@your-website.com often have too strict spam filters that may reject email notifications entirely.

3. If common domains do not receive emails either, most likely, the mail function is not configured on your server. You can contact your hosting provider asking to enable the mail function. However, we would advise configuring SMTP on your own, because SMTP is more reliable. You can do it easily with a plugin like this one.

If none of these helps, contact our support team by submitting a support ticket and describing the issue in detail.