The first area of theme footer is a widgetized section which you can displays them into 1-4 columns. This content can be organised in WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets

Setup Footer Sidebar

  1. First you have to enable it. Go to Appearance > Customize > Footer > General < Footer Sidebar Columns
  2. Select number of columns to display from 1-4 columns

Setup Footer Sidebar Widgets

  1. To add widgets, go to Appearance > Widgets
  2. You will find “Footer Widget” section. Simply drag and drop widgets you want from the left side boxes into the “Footer Sidebar”.

Setup Footer Colors

You can change footer background color, font color and etc. Go to Appearance > Customize > Footer > Colors once finish customising. Click “Save All Changes” button.

Setup Footer Photostream

You can enable photostream options from Appearance > Theme Setting > Social Profiles. You can displays photostream from Flickr/Instagram account.

Setup Copyright Bar 

Below the widgetized area of footer is copyright bar where you can add your  copyright text including link to it. Go to Appearance > Customize > Footer > Copyright 

The go to top option if you enable it. It will display arrow up button when visitor click on it. It will redirect to the top of page.