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Setting up Footer Content

Theme provided 2 ways to create and edit footer content. You can select one you want to use via Appearance > Customize > Footer > General > Display Footer Content From.

Using Footer Content with Elementor Page Builder

This option you can create multiple footer content and edit it using Elementor page builder which provide very flexible layouts for each pages.

From WordPress Dashboard > Footers > Add New Footer

Then edit the footer with Elementor page builder.

It will open Elementor page builder editor page which you can use its drag&drop interface to create footer content. You can view detailed documentation about how to use Elementor page builder here.

Once you save all changes for footer content. There are 2 options to set it up to pages.

First you can select it as default footer content for all pages via Appearance > Customize > Footer > General > Default Footer Content.

Second you can overwrite default footer content on selected page using Page option > Page Footer.

Using Footer Sidebar

This option use WordPress traditional widgets so you can easily drag widgets you want to display in Footer Sidebar from Appearance > Widgets.

Footer Widgets

Once you setup footer sidebar columns option from Appearance > Customize > Footer > General > Footer Sidebar Columns. Now you can add widgets to “Footer Sidebar” via Appearance > Widgets. Simply drag widget you want to add on the left side and drop on “Footer Sidebar” area