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Register Your Purchase

Framed 3.3 sees a change in the registration process. to a simpler purchase code registration system. Registration is required to download all demo pages and included premium plugin.

Locating Your Purchase Code

The first thing you need to register your purchase is a copy of your Purchase Code. To locate this, just follow these simple steps.

1. Head to ThemeForest, and log into the account you purchased Framed theme

2. Navigate to the Downloads page, found under your user name. Here, under the Download dropdown next to your Framed Purchase you will find the License Certificate & Purchase Code, available to download in both PDF and text format.

3. Open the downloaded License Certificate and find the Item Purchase Code

4. Copy the Purchase Code onto the clipboard, then return to your installation and register your purchase.


Once you have installed Framed, the next thing to do is to register your purchase.

To do this, open WordPress Dashboard > Theme Setting and click Registration tab.

Then paste your copied Purchase Code into the field provided, and and click on Register. This will register your copy of Framed with ThemeGoods.

Re-registering After Updating To Framed 3.3

The change in registration method from token key to purchase code was introduced in Framed 3.3 If you are updating to Framed 3.3, you will be required to re-register the theme using the new method. above.

Purchase Code verification is not working

Normally it happens because your server couldn’t send purchase code data to our verification server correctly. Due to CURL library or firewall issue.

It might have below CURL errors.

cURL error 28: Connection timed out after n milliseconds


cURL error 28: Operation timed out after n milliseconds with 0 out of 0 bytes received

This problem is a very common server related issue. In most of the cases not created by a particular theme or plugin, nor by WordPress.

How to fix it ?

The first thing to do is to update your WordPress to the latest version if not already done.

Then if the problem is still there, contact your hosting company and ask the hosting support team to check the following points :

Workaround Methods

Sometime the issue regarding registration because your server cURL timeout is too low so the registration process couldn’t connect to our license server.

add_filter('http_request_args', 'themegoods_http_request_args', 100, 1);
function themegoods_http_request_args($r) 
	$r['timeout'] = 30;
	return $r;
add_action('http_api_curl', 'themegoods_http_api_curl', 100, 1);
function themegoods_http_api_curl($handle) 
	curl_setopt( $handle, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT, 30 );
	curl_setopt( $handle, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT, 30 );

Please add below PHP code to functions.php then try to register your purchase code again to see if it fixes the issue.

Fallback Methods

If you’re experiencing difficulty with downloading and installing the plugins and demos, please Submit A Support Ticket, Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials when opening the ticket, so we can take a look at your site.

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