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Create a New Page

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New and enter page title.
  2. Select your parent page in page attribute option box on the bottom right (Optional).
  3. Enter your page content to editing field. You can use visual or text editor. Page content is mainly built using text, HTML or shortcodes, or you can click “Edit with Elementor” button to use Elementor Page Builder. For example you can create gallery page from there.
  4. Set individual page options from Page options box(Optional).

Page With Sidebar

Some page templates include sidebar option, you can notice by its name …Sidebar. If you select these page templates. You have to select its sidebar from page option.

Header With Background Image

When you create a page or post. You can upload background image to header area. Look at featured image at the bottom right of edit page/post and upload image you want to display as header background image.

Page Options

  • Make Menu Transparent – Check this option if you want to display menu in transparent
  • Hide Default Page Header – Check this option if you want to hide default page header.
  • Page Tagline(Optional) – Enter page tagline. It will displays under page title. HTML is support (optional)
  • Boxed Layout – Check this option if you want to enable boxed layout for this page
  • Hide Page Footer Sidebar – Check this option if you want to hide page footer sidebar.
  • Hide Page Footer Photostream – Check this option if you want to hide page footer photostream.
  • Hide Page Copyright – Check this option if you want to hide page footer copyright.
  • Page Sidebar(Optional) – Select this page’s sidebar to display (support only page templates with sidebar)
  • Page Menu (Optional) – Select this page’s menu if you want to display main menu other than default one
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