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Add custom attribute to accommodation

In Hoteller version 2.5 or higher. We added support custom attributes to single accommodation page.

To add attributes go to the Accommodation tab > Attributes > Add New.

Then, specify the Title of your custom attribute, for example, Pet Allow. This title will be visible on the front-end. Then click Configure Terms and add all the possible terms for this attribute, e.g. Allow, Not Allow While adding the terms, you need to fill in at least the Name field and click Add New. There is no limitation to the number of attributes or terms that can be created.

You can also upload custom attribute’s icon using “Featured image” option.

These attributes need to be assigned to your accommodation types in the Accommodation tab > Accommodation Types. Hover over an accommodation type and click Edit. Tick the terms related to this accommodation type in the Attributes Section in the right hand column.

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