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Design single accommodation page using Elementor

First please check below checklist in order to use this features.

  1. Required Hoteller version 3.0 or higher
  2. Install and activate Elementor and Hoteller Theme Elements for Elementor plugins before you proceed.

Activate Elementor for accommodation type post.

Please navigate to Elementor > Settings > General > Post Types and make sure you check “Accommodation Types”

Editing single accommodation page content Elementor Page Builder

From Accommodation > Accommodation Types and select accommodation type you want to edit using Elementor.

Then edit the accommodation type with Elementor page builder.

Select “template” option in “Post Attributes” meta box on the right sidebar to “Elementor Cavas” so it’s using blank template to design all contents.

It will open Elementor page builder editor page which you can use its drag&drop interface to create footer content. You can view detailed documentation about how to use Elementor page builder here.

Import Demo Single Accommodation Templates

Click “Add Template” button and select “Pages” section. Then search for “Single Accommodation” for select box option.

You will see list of predefined templates there. Select one you want to import and click “Insert”.

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