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What’s different between footer creator options using “Sidebar” and “Elementor”

Our theme has integrated with Elementor page builder which allow to customise each elements using drag&drop functionalities. However some customers might not understand the different options for designing footer sidebar and footer contents. So we put all together these nature of using 2 methods to build your site’s footer.

Setting up footer using “Sidebar”

  • Default way to displays footer when you activated theme.
  • Limited flexibility. You can choose from different footer columns layouts
  • You add widgets to “Footer Sidebar” through Appearance > Widgets. Each widget will display in selected columns layout.
  • Recommended for new WordPress users who want to get footer up and running as soon as possible.

Setting up footer using Elementor

  • Provide unlimited flexibility. You can use drag&drop functionality to create columns, elements for your footer contents.
  • Customise logo, social media links, main menu etc through Elementor widgets.
  • You have to create footer post for footer layout and set the one you want as default WordPress customizer (Appearance > Customize > Footer > General > Display Footer Content From)
  • Recommended for more experienced WordPress users who want to customise main footer layout, contents using visual editor like Elementor.