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Create a Page using Content Builder

Theme has built-in “Content Builder” for page. Basically you can select available content modules. Once your selected, it will open a popup which you can setup options for selected module. You can change content order using drag and drop in content builder box. I

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Pages > Add New and enter page title.

Enable Content Builder

When you edit page. By default you can customise its content using WordPress visual editor. However if you want to use Content Builder instead. Simply click “Edit in Content Builder” button under page title field.

Classic View

When you first enable Content Builder. You will have empty Content Builder content and you can add content module or import existing templates to start working with Content Builder.

When you click on add content button. It will open a popup with available modules. Select module you want to add by clicking “Insert” button.

Next you can customise selected module options. Once you finish, click “Update” button to add it to content builder modules.

Next you have to click “Update” button on the right sidebar to save changes.

Live View

You can open content builder in live view mode so you can see changes you made instantly.

To enter live view. You can click on monitor icon on the top right of Content Builder control bar. In live mode, there are 2 main areas.

  1. Overview – on the left side. It will displays all content s blocks on current page.
  2. Preview – on the right side. It will displays live preview of current Content Builder page.

Inspect Content in Live View

In overview area of live mode. You can do following to inspect content block.

  • Click – when you click on it. On live preview area, it will scroll to clicked block.
  • Double Click – when you double click it. It will open edit popup option for selected content block.


When you click templates button. It will open templates popup option. There are 2 type of templates.

  1. My Templates – It’s your saved templates.
  2. Predefined Templates – It has all predefined templates which you can see on demo site.

Import Predefined Template

Click on “Predefined Templates” tab. It will open all predefined templates available. When you move mouse over each page. It will displays link icon which you can click to open demo page of that template. If you want to import it, simply click on page you want.

Content Action options

When you move mouse over each content module. You will see set of actions available.

  • Add – You can click this icon to add new content after this content block.
  • Edit – You can click this icon to edit this content option. It will open popup options of selected content.
  • Duplicate – You can click this icon to duplicate this content and it will be added after this content. Thank
  • Remove – You can click this icon to remove this content.