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Create an Event Post

First please login to your WordPress Dashboard. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Events > Add New Event

Enter event title, content, featured image and you can assign this event item to event category too.

To upload featured image. Select images you want to upload as featured image for this event post. Once you finish upload it will automatically attach to this post and click “Update” to save changes.

Event Options

  • Event Date – Date of this event.
  • From – Begin time of this event.
  • To – End time of this event.
  • Event Location – Address for this event ex. 34 Kingstong Road, United Kingdom
  • Get Direction on Google Map (optional) – Check this option if you want to find map with direction using location above.
  • Buy Ticket URL (optional) – Enter URL where visitor can buy ticket for this event.

How to add event category page

Basically when you crate event categories. WordPress automatically added these pages for you. You just have to find the url of it or add it to main menu. Open Appearance > Menus and select for example “Event Categories” you want to add to main menu.

But if you couldn’t see this option. Click “Screen Options” at the top right of edit menu page and check “Event Categories” options.

Event Category Page Layout Settings

You can change event category page layout setting using Events > Event Categories. Click on category you want to edit and select “Event Category Page Template”.

Create a Event Page using Page Template

Once you create event posts. To display your event on page, you have to create a event page. Here are the steps to create a event page.

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Pages and click Add New
  2. Add page title and content. Then find Template option on the right sidebar.
  3. Select template begin with Event… as page template.
  4. Once you are done. Click Publish button.