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Custom Sidebar

Pre defined Sidebars

  • Page Sidebar – Default sidebar for any new pages created.
  • Side Menu Sidebar – Default sidebar for side menu.
  • Blog Sidebar – Default sidebar for any new blog template created.
  • Contact Sidebar – Default sidebar for contact page.
  • Single Post Sidebar – Sidebar for all single posts.
  • Archives Sidebar – Sidebar for post archive page.
  • Category Sidebar – Sidebar for post category page.
  • Tag Sidebar – Sidebar for post tag page.
  • Footer Sidebar – Sidebar for footer widgets area.
  • Shop Sidebar – Sidebar for all shop pages.

Creating a New Sidebar

Theme has pre-defined sidebar but you can also create your own custom sidebar for your pages.

  1. Go to Appearance > Theme Settings > Sidebar you will see Custom Sidebar Settings.
  2. Enter sidebar name you want to create and click save changes

Assign widgets to the sidebar

You can add widgets to the sidebar using Appearance > Widgets  You will find your selected widget on the left side. Simply drag and drop widgets you want from the left side boxes into the sidebar box.