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Removing the space between elements

Why is there a space between my elements when I add a new widget Or import demo pages

You might’ve noticed that in Elementor there are some extra spaces between widgets by default. It’s not about the paddings or margins you may have set before, this is a default space that Elementor will add automatically between widgets. By default, there is a minimum 20px space between widgets in your layout. But don’t worry! You can remove this extra space or change it.

Removing/Changing the space between elements

If you are editing a page in Elementor, you can globally change the space between elements and without having to leave Elementor.

1. From the Elementor left dashboard menu, click on the Burger icon in the upper-left corner of the dashboard.

2. In the Site Settings section, click on Layout Settings.

3. Set your preferable space value in the Container Padding and Gaps options.

4. Update the page.