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Add a booking form to your site

To add a booking form to your site, go to Shortcodes → Add New → Appointment form.

This visual shortcode generator allows you to customize the look of your appointment booking form:

  • Tick form fields that must be displayed and optionally add the form title:

This is useful when you don’t want customers to choose fields, for example, you can hide an employee field:

  • Rename default field labels
  • Set default values
  • Optionally add CSS or custom HTML

You can also customize the form timepicker layout: the number of columns and whether to show the start and end time of the appointment or just the start time:

Once all the needed changes are applied, save them and the shortcode will be automatically generated.

Now you can paste this shortcode to any page using the default Shortcode block for the block editor or any other shortcode-specific widget.

You can also add the booking widget and other plugin-generated content using the Elementor page builders. For example, let’s take a look at the Elementor widgets generated by the Appointment Booking plugin:

Each of these widgets comes with its own set of settings. For example, in the Appointment form widget below, you can show, hide or rename the needed booking wizard fields:

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