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How to create a quiz

The Tutor LMS Quiz Builder is a powerful tool that can help you create interactive and innovative quizzes for students.

It boasts 10 modern yet familiar question types to test out the students’ knowledge of the course material and also offers several customization options so you can perfectly tailor the tests to suit your needs.

Quiz Info

To get started, from the course builder (either the frontend or the backend), navigate into a topic and then click on the +Quiz button.

Quiz button on the course builder section

This will open the Quiz Builder window with its very first section called Quiz Info. Here, give the quiz a Title and add a short summary to let students know what this quiz is about.

Tutor LMS Quiz Builder Quiz Info Section

To go to the next stage, i.e. Question, simply click on the Save & Next button.

Quiz Description

Tutor LMS has WP Editor support for the Quiz Question Description field. This allows quiz creators to add rich text formatting, images, videos, and more to their quiz question descriptions.

With the WP Editor, quiz creators can now add:

  • Text styling like bold, italics, underlines, text color, etc
  • Bullet points and numbered lists
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images and videos via embed codes or URL links
  • Audio files like podcasts via embed codes
WP Editor Support for Quiz Question Descriptions

Later, you’ll get the Answer Explanation section. Here you can provide a concise yet informative explanation to help learners understand the correct answers and the reasoning behind them.

Quiz answer explanation

Students can access the explanation from the Quiz Details page only after they’ve attended the quiz. Here’s the frontend preview of the quiz explanation:

Quiz Answer explanation in the frontend

Question Types

At the Question stage, you can start adding questions to the quiz by clicking on the Add Question button. This will take you to the Question form where you must first select the Question Type.

Tutor LMS Quiz Question Types

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of 10 question types for Tutor Pro users. Below is a list of what these types are as well as an explanation of how they work.


True false quiz

To set up a true/false question, first select your question type as True/False. Then you’ll get the option to choose the answer. Then write your question and choose the answer. Click on the radio button to choose the right answer.

Single Choice

Use the single-choice quiz format if you want to use a multiple-choice question with only one correct answer. To add the options, click on Add an Option and define the answer in the Answer Title, upload an image if needed, and select the display format of your choice.

Single choice question

Finally, click on Update Answer and repeat these steps for the other options. Don’t forget to specify the correct answer at the end.

Multiple Choice

The multiple-choice question is almost similar to the single-choice answer. If you want to list multiple correct answers for a simple question, choose the multiple-choice option. Thus students will get full marks only if they select all of the right answers while answering the question.


A long answer question type where students can give descriptive answers as this field can have a larger character limit. To define this character limit, go to Quiz Builder > Settings > Advanced Settings and find the Open-Ended/Essay questions answer character limit field.

character limit of short answer and essays

Short Answer

A Descriptive-type question with a more precise and shorter answer. Instructors can define Character Limit> Settings > Advanced Settings under the Short answer characters limit in Quiz Builder.

Fill In The Blanks

Set a sentence prompting students to fill up the missing blanks with the correct answers.

Tutor LMS Quiz Fill In The Blanks Question Type

Here first, enter the question and then click on Add an Option.

Tutor LMS Quiz Fill In The Blanks Question Type Formatting

Then, type your entire question again under Question Title and replace the blanks with the variable {dash}. Below that field, define your Correct Answers each separated by a vertical bar |. Let’s check an example.

Tutor LMS Quiz Fill In The Blanks Question

Students will see something like what’s shown in the image above on the frontend when they take the quiz.


Answer matching for the Tutor LMS quizzes

Use this answering category only if you want to set a question pattern where students have to match the answers. To do this, enter your question and click on Add an Option. Enter your answer prompt and its matched answer.

You can also upload an image along with the answer prompt. Finally, select the display format you prefer and repeat these steps to add more options.


Set an ordering question where students have to reorder the given text, images, or both in the correct sequence to obtain marks.

Here, click on Add an Option and enter your first answer item under the Answer Title field. Like the previous question types, you can also upload an image to go along with this.

Repeat these steps to add more items and make sure to add them in the right order.

Answer ordering

Image Matching

Set a matching type question where students can match an image to the correct text to obtain marks.

To implement this, enter your question, click on Add an Option and upload your image prompt, enter its matched answer and click on Update Answer. Repeat these steps to add more options.

Image Answering

Set an identification type question where students need to answer questions based on images.

Similar to Image Matching, click on Add an Option and upload your image and then enter its corresponding answer. Lastly, click on Update Answer and repeat these steps to add more options.


Tutor LMS Quiz Builder Question Section

On the Question Form, add the question text, select the type from the dropdown, and add a description if you want. Following that, are a few settings for each question that you need to understand to best use them:

  • Answer Required: Toggle this if you want this question to be mandatory to answer.
  • Randomize: Toggle this if you want this question’s order to be randomly shuffled among the list of questions.
  • Points for this answer: Use this field to set the points to be awarded for getting this question right.
  • Display points: Enable this if you want to display the points on the quiz field.

Add the relevant answer(s) and select the correct answer if required.

Tutor LMS Quiz Answer Explanation

Answer Explanation: Next, if you’re using the pro version of Tutor LMS, you’ll see a field called ‘Answer Explanation’ where you can add the explanation for the correct answer.

Keep in mind that this is an optional field so you can leave it blank if you don’t want to add any explanation.

This field is available for any question type and students will be able to see it from the Quiz Details page.

Once the quiz has been submitted, click on the Details button that’s beside each Quiz Attempt. Then expand any question item to see its Answer Explanation.

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